Textile Supply Chain

Highest customer satisfaction in minimum cost only possible through proper information and material flow in the supply chain. SCM requires a commitment of supply partners to work closely to coordinate in every point where orders are transformed from one supply partner to next. Textile Supply Chain is one of the complex and largest chains therefore identifying every partner their roles, responsibilities, and coordination is the key point of successful SCM. SCM is extremely important to achieve and maintain competitiveness. Thus this profession is highly demanding and highly paid in Textile/Apparel manufacturers. Supply Chain is NOT about cost-cutting, but it is all about developing supplier relationship and building a reliable business process the keeps customers happy.

Training Outcomes:

  • Impart and improve analyze the manufacturing operations of a firm
  • Improve ability to sales and operations planning, MRP, and lean manufacturing concepts
  • Apply logistics and purchasing concepts to improve supply chain operations
  • Apply quality management tools for process improvement


  • Purchasing/Procurement
  • Planning Department
  • Logistics (Export, Import)
  • Planning and Control
  • Marketing/Production
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Commercials



  • Practical overview on Textile-Supply Chain
  • Why SCM-Practical Explanation
  • Supply Chain Drivers
  • SCM in Textile Industry (experience sharing)
  • How look like a Sustainable SCM Model

Course Duration:


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