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  • Name : Engr. Momtaz Ahmed
  • Job : Head of AAA Control and  AAA  Textile School
  • Phone : +08801711609734
  • Email : [email protected]

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Engr. MOMTAZ AHMED, (19/BUTex, MITET, MIEB) served for several leading textile and garment industries in the Top-Level positions. He served last as ‘Project Head’ in one of the leading textile manufacturing industries. Since, January 2014, he has been leading his team in textile and garment industrial experts under AAA Control- Textile Training and Consulting. Through his successful career, he abled to learn more which encouraged him to lead experts and trainers with noble missions to exchange knowledge and skills through professional training.  To remain competitive and sustain in the processional battle in the age of fashion trends, the textile and garment industries need occasionally advising and counseling, thus, he organized a team for industrial services. His total work experience is more than 20-years.

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