Leadership and Motivation (July 20, 2019 @4:00pm-8:00pm)

Leader takes decision and make it right. Leadership is a skill and motivation is internal burning force to do anything possible. Leadership skill is proper balance of knowledge, skills, competence, encouragement,attitude and mental stamina. Our leadership training helps participants to recognize  their strengths and limitations. Accordingly helps them strengthen their strengths and transforms limitations into career opportunities. The training also investigates attitude of mental views, phobia, mania and/or depression of participants and shows paths of get rid of ; show them path to take ownership of any decision they made; let them show tools and techniques to encourage members for doing best. This training session also focus on hurdles in the leadership and segregate successful mind from unsuccessful mind.

Outcomes of the Training

    1. Confidence in becoming leader and full use of leadership skills
    2. Applying tools and techniques to encourage/motivate others
    3. Right decision making tools
    4. Able to identify phobia and depression of members


Training Contents

Diagnosis of state of mind for leadership by:
-managerial skills
-knowledge, skills, and competence
-attitude of mental views
-manager or leader
-successful and unsuccessful mind
-phobia and depression
-past, present future
-co-relation between brain and heart

      1. Who you are?
      2. Leader and leadership skills
      3. Motivation and motivators
      4. Hurdles in Your success
      5. Identifying mental signature
      6. Leadership and motivation using newton formula
      7. Formula of winning Leader


  • Top-level manager
  • Mid-level manager
  • Executive
  • Team leader
  • Fresh graduates


  • Leader vs Boss
  • Practices of Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Formula of Successful Leadership


  • University Students
  • Fresh Graduates
  • Job Holders (mid to top level)
  • Degree Holders