General Certificate in Textile-Apparel Science (Aug 23, 2019)

আপনারা যারা textile/apparel ছাড়া অন্য discipline-এ graduation অথবা post-graduation অথচ textile বা apparel/garments/buying/fashion-industry-তে কাজ করেন, তাদের জন্য Textile-Apparel Schooling অনেক গুরুত্ব পূর্ণ। এই schooling আপনাদেরকে যেমন সাহায্য করবে এই sector-কে পরিপূর্ণ ভাবে জানতে, তেমনি সাহায্য করবে professional career-কে অনেক দূর নিয়ে যেতে, যা আপারা অনেকে হয়তো ভাবেননি।

এটাই বাংলাদেশের একমাত্র professional শিক্ষা কেন্দ্র যেখানে আপনি এই sector-এর যাবতীয় knowledge, skills, এবং competence অর্জন করতে পারবেন।

AAA Textile SchoolWhat is Textile School?

A  center of excellence in information and knowledge on Textiles, and its related tiers such as Apparel, Fashion and Marketing. AAA Textile School is for developing clear, logical and analytical knowledge and skills on Textile-Apparel Science and Technology. This is the first ever concept in the country with leading academicians, experts and consultants.

Why to join Textile School?

Huge job opportunities in this sector, but this sector needs organized and balanced knowledge and skills of this sector, to become a successful professional. This sector is as much technical as much as managerial, therefore need very appropriate and clear knowledge and skills to remain competent and successful professional.
The offered programs of this school is not only with line of market requirements but also with future requirements.

Who should joint this school?

-If you are working in this sector but don’t have clear concept, idea, knowledge and skills, then you shall join this school
-If you are trainee/fresher from different background, but having willingness to build a great career, you shall join this school
-If you are looking for career development in this sector, it will be big support for your future career growth.

What is the eligibility of joining this school?

This is a professional certificate program, and therefore, eligibility criteria as:

  • Graduation from any discipline
  • Degree holders from any discipline
  • Diploma holders from any discipline
  • BSc Engg holders from any discipline

What is General Certificate on Textile-Apparel Science (GCTAS)?

A crash package program comprehensively structured to impart useful data, information, knowledge, and practical workouts on Textile-Apparel Science. It is more than just literature based (that are usually outdated). That helps a candidate many ways, such as:

  • to start career in Textile, Apparel and/or fashion-marketing fields
  • to speed up professional career who already employed
  • to wipe out weakness in technical understanding and take & make decision right
  • get a network through joining the course and a solution hub for future difficulties in his/her professional career path
  • candidate get lifetime coach for professional growth

How is the course on GCTAS structured?

Our Consultants, Experts, Academicians and Content Advisors did expensive work-out with similar kinds of courses already offered our neighbouring countries such as India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan as well as other continents,- and unanimously decided on the name of the course and its content. Every year this team will review and update if any necessary inclusion required.

What is the program duration on GCTAS?

TOTAL Time duration: 6-months (140-hours)

  • Class work: 106-hours
    • 24 class work x 4-hour =106-hours
  • Factory Visit: 20-hours
  • Project works: 14-hours

What are Common Courses?

  1. Textile-Apparel Industry
  2. Fundamentals on Fibers
  3. Fundamentals on Yarns
  4. Fundamentals on Weaving Techniques
  5. Fundamentals on Knitting Techniques
  6. Fundamentals on Fabric Structures
  7. Textile-Apparel Calculation
  8. Fundamentals on Dyeing Techniques
  9. Fundamentals on Printing & Finishing
  10. Fundamentals on Dyes and Chemicals
  11. Fundamentals on Apparel Techniques
  12. Fundamentals on Fabrics and Apparel Inspection
  13. Textile-Apparel Machinery
  14. Textile-Apparel Testing Basics
  15. Textile-Apparel Sustainability Basics
  16. Fundamentals on Textile-Apparel Management

Does this program covering specialization?

As specialization needs special and in details depth knowledge and skills, the candidate may choose his/her area of specialization after completing the general certificate in textile-apparel science. He/she has to add 30-hours more for any specialised field.

What are specialized fields under this school?

Presently, the following are specialized fields under this schooling program:

  • Dyeing, Printing and Finishing
  • Apparel Merchandising Management
  • Sustainable Compliance Management
  • Denim Washing and Finishing
  • Weaving and Knitting Techniques
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Textile Management
  • Textile Supply Chain Management
  • Pattern Marking & 3-D Designs-Developments

When Classes will be held and what will be duration?

Weekly one day (4-hour class work session)

What is the fee of the program GCTAS?

Tk. 20,000/-
First installment (minimum) 10000/-
second installment (min) 5000/-
and the rest in the 3rd month.

Who are leading faculty for the Course?

  1. Engr. Momtaz Ahmed (BSc in Textile from BUTex in 1996)
    Executive Director, Toufiq Textile Ltd
  2. Engr. Abrar A Apu (BSc in Textile from BUTex in 2001) & MSc Engr. (Germany)
    Faculty, Textile Engineering, DIU
  3. Engr. Faizul Haque (BSc in Textile from BUTex in 2004) & MSc Engr. (DIU)
  4. Engr. Azharul Islam (BSc in Textile from BUTex in 2006) & MSc Engr. (MBSTU)
    Faculty, MBSTU
  5. Engr. Maeen M K Akter (BSc in Textile from BUTex in 2013) & MSc Engr. (BUET)
    Faculty, BUTex
    and more


  • Top-level manager
  • Mid-level manager
  • Executive
  • Team leader
  • Fresh graduates


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  • Best Teachers & Mentors
  • Practical Oriented
  • Professional Learning Environment
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  • University Students
  • Fresh Graduates
  • Job Holders (mid to top level)
  • Degree Holders