List of Training Modules

Module 01: Industrial Leadership and Motivation

Module 02: Organization Ethics and Etiquette

Module 03: Emotional Intelligence in Organization

Module 04: Organic Textile Processing (based on GOTS and OCS)

Module 05: Recycled Textile Processing (based on GRS and RCS)

Module 06: Quality Management System (based on ISO 9001:2015)

Module 07: Social Compliance Management System (based on SA8000:2014, BSCI, WRAP, SEDEX)

Module 08: Environmental Management System (based on ISO 14001:2015)

Module 09: Formulating industrial Policies, Procedures, and SOP

Module 10: Energy Management System (based on ISO 50001:2011)

Module 11: ZDHC Chemical Management System

Module 12: Chemical Management System

Module 13: Occupational Health and Safety Management (based on OHSAS 18001:2007)

Module 14: Fire Safety and First Aid

Module 15: Apparel Merchandising Management (AMM)

Module 16: Fabric Consumption, Costing and Offering Price of Apparel Merchandises

Module 17: Apparel Quality Inspection (AQI)

Module 18: Industrial Production Engineering

Module 19: Textile-Garment Testing Methods

Module 20: Denim Washing and Finishing Techniques

Module 21: Denim Bottoms Merchandising Management

Module 22: Total Quality Management

Module 23: Six Sigma Basics

Module 24: MS Excel Fundamentals and Advanced

Module 25: 3-D Prototyping in Apparel Designs

Module 26: Sustainable Industrial Management

Module 27: Bangladesh Labour Act

Module 28: Textile Supply Chain Management

Module 29: Waste Water and ETP Management

Module 30: Higg Index FEM 3.0

Module 31: Green Building Requirements and Certification Process

Module 32: Textile Calculations

Module 33: R&D on Modern Fibers and Yarns: Tools and Techniques

Module 34: Production Planning in the Apparel Industry

Module 35: Textile-Apparel Basics

Module 36: Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment

Module 37: Corporate Social Responsibility (ISO 26000)

Module 38: Textile-Apparel Production Management

Module 39: Textiles Recycling

Module 40: Electrical, Fire, and Structural Safety (workers)

Module 41: Ethical Rights and Motivation (Supervisors)