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30 Jan

Lets understand stages of Education

Global motto, “Education for all”, since we realized that only and only EDUCATION is the medication of every visible and invisible illness of human being as well as for the globe as a whole. Not a single human being goes against proper education. Most of us including guardians and learners shows their disappointment saying that after investing such amount of money and time, we did get nothing from education. Because it is believed that the primary return for investing in education is smooth source of money generation, BUT this is partially true. If someone wants to ensure smooth source of money income, shall achieved the final/last stage of education, i.e., competence.

Stages of Education

Stage-1: Data
Stage-2: Information
Stage-3: Knowledge (for what & why)
Stage-4: Skills (for how)
Stage-5: Competence

AAA Knowledge

Most of the graduates, teachers and experts in dilemma of proper use of those terms. Let me clear some of the terms for your better and deep understanding. What we see around us are data and information. Discrete information all around us is Data (not organized in form) where is information is arranged form of Data which gives meaning.

Information transform into knowledge when become more durable/permanent in understanding/mind/brain and able to simulate this. When able to answer by own of “What” and “Why” of a particular situation/event/machine/other, that indicate knowledge on this particular situation/event/machine/other.

Let make it more clear, when you know details about bicycle, it is you knowledge and when you drive it is your skills. Surely, you can not ride a bicycle by only knowing it details. That is your knowledge.

From Stage-1 to Stage-3, is under School/College/University scope, which help students to broaden their perception against situation/event/environment/thing/opinion/others, but NOT ensure smooth source of incomes. That is why, most university graduates who earned knowledge in their earlier career can not generate desired wealth of money and status.

Stage-4 and Stage-5 only can ensure smooth source of money. Now the question is where shall one get SKILLS?

Education itself is one of the strongest tools to help one to earned skills through early career/jobs, but there is also big risk, the skills can be either ‘correct skills’ (what everyone wants) or incorrect skills (what we usually earned). If one able to develop correct skills, it means the purpose of the education is served. one may ask how do I know-my earned skills are correct? Simply if you are appreciated for your correct discharge of your roles, responsibilities and accountabilities. if vice-versa, your earned skills are not value adding but value demising.

Professional Skill Development centers can play vital roles to develop correct skills as the instructors of skill development centers are educated (university degree) and successful in their areas by their correct skills.

Stage-5 is self actualization stage where you are master of your own skills and about to perform the best.

Stage-4 (skills) is as important as stage-1 to 3, BUT unfortunately most of us never believe and act on it.

If asked question: why present generation is more productive that previous generation? In past, the scope of skill development was very little whereas present days, huge organizations are there to help graduates to transform their hard earned knowledge into right skills in no-time.

one of the most important purpose of education is lifelong learning. Attending professional skill development schools could be one of the best methods contributing lifelong learning.



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