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16 Mar

Do I need training? But Why?

Why Do I need TrainingEvery individual who wants to performance with his/her excellence needs training. Training is for both upscaling (improving the quality of skills) and upskilling (additional skills). It is very rare to find anyone performing with excellence without attending training of the same.

Everyone shall go through training as trainee (early stage of any skill) and as trainer (expertise stage of any skill).

How training helps you?

-Very clear that training acts as sharpening machine to sharpen your skills
-It plays role of medicator to cure up any deficiency in you about information and skills
-Provide you an environment where you can compare your own skills among participants
-Get answer of your any queries regarding performing particular skills
-Obtain a reference/source institute for any future help
-May provide you a scope to practice your skills as trainer in future

How much shall I invest to my professional training?

There is simple thumb rule that 5% your income shall be reinvested for professional and personal development

Where shall I get information regarding training on Textile-Apparel?

AAA Control is one of the leading training institute for textile-apparel both technical, technical-managerial, compliance and textile sustainability training. visit:

What types of training shall I attend?

You may work in one part of any industry/office/department, you might think that you should attend training only to your work scope related training. I you think so, you are partially right, but you shall attend all trainings that belong to any part of your industry. Because, it would help you in many ways. Every activities/works that are perform in your company facility directly or indirectly impact your work area and your work interest.

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