Compliance Management

Social Compliance Management (SCM) fundamentally ensures a better working environment that includes worker’s rights and workers’ health and safety. There is internationally recognized International Standard-SA8000 by SAI (USA), where there are several code of conduct BSCI (FTA, Europe), SEDEX (UK), WRAP (USA), and ETI (UK). There is a huge similarity among those standard and COC, but there are some additional requirements which create the uniqueness of those.
This training session is systematically structured so that the trainees can enthusiastically coup-up of those requirements and know the very realistic ways of fulfilling them.

Training Contents:

  • Introduction to Social Management & SA8000 Standard, ETI code, WRAP Principles
  • Definition, scope, requirements on Child labor, Forced Labour, FOA and Collective Bargaining, Health and Safety, Discrimination, Disciplinary Actions, Working Hours, Remuneration,
  • Standard and Code of Conducts (CoC) and their requirements
  • ILO Conventions, Laws, and Requirements on Social Management System
  • Documentation on those requirements
  • Auditor, Auditing Systems, and Certification

Who May Attend:

  • Compliance Executive, Manager, GM
  • Environment and Chemical Responsible
  • Auditors- Compliance Management
  • H&S Safety Officer, Management
  • Social Welfare Officer
  • HR & ComplianceModules:
    SA8000 Standard
    BSCI CoC
    WRAP Principles
    SEDEX Code
    ETI Code


  • Top-level manager
  • Mid-level manager
  • Executive
  • Team leader
  • Fresh graduates



  • Standard vs CoC
  • Pillars of Social Compliance
  • Social Policy
  • SA8000 vs BSCI vs ETI vs WRAP vs SEDEX

Course Duration:

  • 40-hours

For Details:
[email protected]