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19 May

Another sustainability tool getting pace in Textile-Apparel Sector

Recycled Textile Processing

To enhance the performance of textile industry to environment and society, the next sustainability tool entitled as “Recycled Textile” product included in the textile supply chain by Textile Exchange, but introduced by Control Union in 2008. This tool is similar to “organic textile” product that came earlier and vastly accepted and implemented globally. Organic Textile processing has given pace to organic farming where as Recycled Textile Processing pacing up use waste materials in textile-clothing. It already been informally in use since unknown time, because reuse of waste materials is a kind of survival tools of economically poor group, but mentally rich group. Now this informal sector is getting formal recognition with world’s knowledge-based organizations.

Now, the importance of knowledge is pacing up in the textile-apparel sector globally. Use of improved or up-to-date knowledge is determining the future business potentials. Thus, industry and industrial people shall keep same pace with knowledge enhancement rate.

I believe that you who are reading this article is well-informed about Organic Textile Processing (i.e., Global Organic Textile Processing, and or Organic Content Standard) and I will write abstract about  Recycled Textile Processing (i.e., Global Recycled Standard and or Recycled Claimed Standard)

The principle requirements to become or be eligible to work under those standard are:

  1. The entity shall maintain integrity of recycled materials
  2. The entity shall use technical knowledge recognizing recycled claim materials and neet to maintain all necessary documents against proof of recycled claimed
  3. The entity shall maintain Chain of Custody of recycled claimed materials
  4.  The entity shall ensure environmental, chemical and social integrity with all available means during recycled material processing in case of GRS product

One may get details information of this standard by going through GRS Standard and its manual as well as RSC Standard and its implementation manual. But one can gain technical clarity of these requirement through attending training session. AAA Control is one of the leading firms in providing technical training including Recycled Textile Processing.

Written By Engr. Abrar A Apu (MSc Engr. Textile-Clothing from Germany)

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