We are a team having longer factory experience (Experts), academic experience (Researchers) and Consultants. We have been working together to upgrade and upskills of Human Resource in their respective fields as well as advising the industries for their effective and efficient performance. We are a balanced team:

                             ♦multidisciplinary expertises and education
                             ♦for textile and apparel industrial sector
                             ♦to create performance based Human Resources
                             ♦to develop performance base business/production
                             ♦to measure and improve our own performance too

Our Areas of Expertises

  • Professional Trainings
  • Factory Advises
  • Recruitment
  • Individual Career Counseling
  • Schooling for freshers/job holders


To become the most leading solutions hub for textile-apparel industrial sector in the globe within a decade


Play important roles in recognizing and analysing and providing practical oriented solutions in Textile-Apparel Industrial Sector

AAA Control- Skills and Competence

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♦Professional Trainings
♦Professional Consultation
♦Workshops & Seminars

AAA Textile School - Textile Information & Knowledge

♦Short Courses
♦Certification Courses
♦Candidate Counseling

Additional Information

AAA Control– a hub for Textile Training and Consulting. AAA Control offers professional trainings since 2014 for “SKILLS DEVELOPMENT” among industrial employees, academicians and fresh graduates. More than 35-types of need based professional training modules already been prepared and offered to more than 1000 of industrial participants. Duration of training modules varies from day-long to three days.


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Professional Consultancy

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Market Knowledge

Trainer's Capability

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